About the Residential Hospice

“We need to think about what we want for our loved ones and ourselves in our last days, and make that vision a reality.” – Laurie Lacelle, Campaign Cabinet

A New Era For End-of-Life Care

Kingston’s new residential hospice will be, first and foremost, family-friendly and welcoming to everyone, inclusive to all faiths, reflecting a culture of respect and dignity. The building will be fully accessible and accommodate the widest possible range of abilities. It will remain home-like and noninstitutional in its character while enabling the highest degree of safety, security and functionality.

In providing respite to families, the residential hospice will encourage multi-generational activities such as cooking, dining, visiting, reading, music, and child and youth engagement. Spaces throughout the residential hospice will allow for privacy and intimacy while also supporting family and group activities, spiritual and faith-based traditions and quiet reflection. The thoughtful design will enable story-telling, reminiscing, singing and special celebrations that promote quality of living.

A Sustainable Future

Hospice Kingston and its partners are committed to leading the way in building a sustainable future in healthcare in our community. Residential hospices have demonstrated that they are highly cost-effective and provide a more appropriate care setting for individuals while improving overall financial sustainability when end-of-life care is shifted from hospital to residential hospice care.

Education: A Teaching Hospice

Kingston is an innovator in healthcare. Hospice Kingston believes that innovative and collaborative thinking must be a key element in the continuum for the future. The Time Is Now to explore various teaching opportunities with Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College for the residential hospice.

Volunteers: “The Heart of Hospice”

Hospice Kingston volunteers are an exceptional group of caring and compassionate people who offer individuals and their families and caregivers support. For individuals living at home volunteers play a key role in supporting their needs, In a residential hospice setting, volunteers will have an even greater opportunity to contribute, as their efforts will provide enhanced services to indivduals and families.

A Seamless Transition in Care & Support

Hospice Kingston offers compassionate care services aimed at providing emotional, social and spiritual support. Care is for the whole person and is centered around their experiences while improving their overall well-being. Hospice Kingston will incorporate all its programs and services into the  residential hospice to ensure a seamless transition for the care and support given to individuals and their families.


This is a remarkable time for Hospice Kingston. For over 30 years we have provided comfort, support and companionship to individuals and families living with a life-limiting illness or coping with grief and loss. We are proud of our past and determined about our future. We are realizing our long-term goal to establish Kingston’s first residential hospice.

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